The Future Of Google Nest Secure Is Anything But 1

The Future Of Google Nest Secure Is Anything But

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The Future Of Google Nest Secure Is Anything But 2

Another One Bites The Dust

Google has killed off a long list of software and hardware over the years, from things barely missed like Google Wave, to products with a much larger roll out such as the original Google Home.  The latest casualty is Nest Secure, as part of Google ending their “Works with Nest” program which caused the death of smart thermostats and many, many other smart home devices.

This is a rather interesting move considering Google signed a $450 million deal with ADP just a few short months ago.  The theory was that ADP’s security experience could help Google make better Nest security products while simultaneously adding devices to ADP’s services which they didn’t have previously.  This would seem to have been a little optimistic and instead it looks like Google intends to start a completely new product line.

Considering Google’s long history of discontinuing products just a few years after launch, how wise would it be to buy into whatever they intend to replace Nest Secure with?  This is also probably a question game developers have been asking about Stadia and are even more likely to now.  Ars has a longer list of the recently discontinued products as well as similar concerns in a recent post.