The PlayStation 5 Gets Strip Searched 1

The PlayStation 5 Gets Strip Searched

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The PlayStation 5 Gets Strip Searched 2

Your Heatsink Is So Fat The Motherboard Is Strapped To It!

Sony beat iFixit to the mark by posting their own teardown of the PS5, giving us a look at the interior design and components.  The biggest component is indeed the heatsink and fan assembly, which covers all of the components and needs to be removed to be able to see the rest of the internals.  You probably shouldn’t do that though as Sony used a unique thermal compound on the CPU which seems far less viscous than your usual TIM and it is doubtful you will get good contact when you put it back together again.

Storage is handled by 825GB of integral onboard flash with a custom controller which will be bad news if the flash goes as the entire motherboard would need to be swapped out but the good news is there is a M.2 port which should let you install your own additional storage.  The PS5 will support WiFi6 which will give both a bandwidth boost and allow it to function reliably even in a home which already has a lot of wireless traffic.

The USB-C port will indeed support 10Gbps transfer speeds and should be your choice for adding external storage, though the two Type-A ports on the back should be capable of the same speed.  The single Type-A on the front will not, so you should keep that in mind when choosing your ports.   Follow the links from Hackaday and Slashdot to get more details and watch the video for yourself.