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Google’s Virtual Hardware Releases

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Google’s Virtual Hardware Releases 2

Pixels And ChromeCasts and Nests, Oh My

Google’s Launch Night was a bit different from previous years, as is tradition in 2020, which didn’t stop them from rolling out a bevy of new hardware or putting on a bit of a show.   Many had already figured out there was a new Chromecast coming, as it and the new remote control were already on sale.  It supports the reanimated Google TV and will let you watch your shows in HDR 4K with it’s USB C connection and might even one day offer Stadia support.

There were a pair o’ Pixels announced as well, the Pixel 5 and a slightly less expensive Pixel 4A available in both 5G and non-5G; though there is no mention if the non-5G comes with a tinfoil hat in the package as well.  The Pixel 5 is powered by a octo-core Snapdragon 765G paired with a Adreno 620 and 128GB of local storage.  It also offers a new feature which lets you make your Google Assistant sit on hold for you and notify you once the elevator music has ended and an actual person is on the line.   All models sport 22.2MP and 16MP cameras on the back and an 8MP camera for your selfies.

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