Gallery: Minecraft Steve's Alt Costumes And Screenshots 1

Gallery: Minecraft Steve’s Alt Costumes And Screenshots

Gallery: Minecraft Steve's Alt Costumes And Screenshots 2

@thesilverbrick ummm I’ve never said that he shouldn’t be in smash. My complain started that this is a poor attempt to consider these pieces of cubes a “character”. It’s a generic avatar. One thing is that the game is popular and that “the dude” shared the same visual aesthetic as any other living thing in the game.

He is not a character, it’s a generic avatar with zero personality in it, thus it doesn’t qualify as a “character” (not to confuse to “being in smash”). Do you consider the rocks in LOTR a character? I mean, he has the same amount of personality.

I never said he doesn’t deserve to be in smash. The game is iconic, no arguing about that. But as I said… so does GTA… should we put in Niko Bellic in there? You could but it would be a half-assed option because it’s generic.
Should we add… I don’t know… an Need for Speed car? You could… but blah blah….

I mean, even Sakurai was like “really? Ok I’ll do it”

But anyway, in conclusion, you guys like the game. Good for you, but it doesn’t mean it’s appealing as a choice in the roster. For me it’s a wasted slot in so… but sooooo many other, more inspired and creative choices for a real third party character. Hell, even Master Chief.

There’s only 2 things that I’ve complained about in Smash. Too many FE characters and “Steve”.

But anyway… I’ll just enjoy it more to beat people who choose this guy. So, instead of discussing it here, let’s discuss it in the game. 😉

Sorry but I don’t want to continue writing walls of text.

I wouldn’t mind if it was a Mii costume or an assist trophy… but a full-on spot in the roster? Nah