Corsair iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX For RGB Powered Cooling 1

Corsair iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX For RGB Powered Cooling

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Corsair iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX For RGB Powered Cooling 2

CAPELLIX LEDs Light Up This 240mm AIO Watercooler

Corsair updated their watercooling lineup earlier this week with three new versions of their popular AIO watercoolers. There is a 360mm H150i, a 280mm H115i and the 240mm H110i which The FPS Review has just reviewed.  The MSRPs are $20 apart, $190, $170 and $150 for the smallest of the trio.  They all sport new ML120 RGB PWM fans with the special CAPELLIX LEDs which have made previous offerings such as RAM, so popular with the RGB crew.

If you have used one of these coolers before you should note that Corsair changed up the waterblock, it is now using a split flow cold plate design and sports an impressive 128 micro-skived fins per inch.  This design, plus the fans design which favours airflow over quite operation indicate this is a cooler for overclockers, and that is how The FPS Review tested it.  With their Core i9 10980XE running at 4700MHz on all cores, with voltage set to 1.25V, only the Corsair H110i and the Enermax LiqTech II could contain the heat without the chip throttling down due to excess heat.

Considering both coolers were closing in on 100C, it would be very interesting to see what one of the larger iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX models could do, especially considering that the H110i ELITE CAPELLIX operated noticeably more quietly than the Enermax did.  Pop on over for the full review, including less extreme overclocks.