OnLogic Announces AMD Server Offerings 1

OnLogic Announces AMD Server Offerings

AMD General Tech Ryzen
OnLogic Announces AMD Server Offerings 2

EPYC for DataCenter & Edge

Today they are announcing that not only will they be offering AMD EPYC servers for both
datacenter and edge computing, but also Ryzen based “servers” which will still be feature rich
and exist at a much more attractive price point. Certainly there are advantages to the EPYC
infrastructure in terms of remote management, but OnLogic is promising many of these features
will be present in their Ryzen based products.

This is somewhat new territory for AMD as they typically shy away from supporting desktop level
processors that utilize for more server-centric workloads. Obviously they have enough faith in
OnLogic and their products to be used in this type of rugged, 24/7 type of operation. 3rd Gen
Ryzen processors offer a host of advanced features that work well with the type of budget edge
solutions that OnLogic is producing in traditional server chassis as well as desk mounted or wall
mounted enclosures.