Trace Some Rays In Fortnite RTX 1

Trace Some Rays In Fortnite RTX

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Trace Some Rays In Fortnite RTX 2

Reflect On The Benefit This Provides To Your Hat Collection

You want material specific reflections on your costumes and forts, because as of September 17 you will be able to have them on your NVIDIA powered PC. In theory you may be able to get it to work on an AMD card, but for now the game you can’t play on your iPhone will add ray tracing a the same time NVIDIA drops their new driver.

As you can see, reflections are greatly improved on glass and water (not pictured above) which add a lovely look to the game to entertain you while you camp out.  It is not just ray tracing either, you will see DLSS and Reflex added to your options as well. DLSS will help if you were planning on checking out 4k gaming with Fortnite but need to keep those frame rates up, but Reflex might interest you even more.

NVIDIA Reflex offers a number of latency reduction features to closer match your mouse input to the screen, theoretically making you more accurate.  Amongst the various tweaks are a setting to ensure your GPU remains at full frequencies even when waiting for your CPU, to ensure it is always ready.  With a high refresh rate G-SYNC display it is also able to better match the mouse input and the screen because for some people a couple of milliseconds can make a big difference.  For those of us on old wetware it might still offer some benefits too.  There are also new G-SYNC displays in the pipeline you can connect your mouse directly to the monitor to and run a latency analyzer to match the latency even closer.

In addition to all these features comes a new map, RTX Treasure Run.  Up to four players can conduct a scavenger hunt in a variety of areas, all of which are designed to show off a specific benefit of ray tracing.  Check them all out in two days, on Thursday, September 17th.