Looking For Home Office Setup Suggestions? 1

Looking For Home Office Setup Suggestions?

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There’s No Place Like Home … Offices

With so many working from home now, home office accessories have become a very popular thing.  While many of us have a comfortable setup for gaming, the layout might not be conducive to a good day at work.  This not so much the temptation of that Steam icon in the lower right as it is the fact your chair and desk might not be properly set up to leave you without some kinks or twinges after a solid eight hours or more of work.

Those working at Ars Technica have been working from home for far longer than many of us and they offered suggestions on what might make your home office a little more comfortable and efficient.   Monitors, keyboards and mice are obvious recommendations but they go a bit further in this rather hefty article.

A proper desk, standing or not, is going to beat a kitchen table with an ironing board on it to raise your keyboard up enough you can stand while working.  They also include a number of chairs to look at; that easy chair is certainly comfortable but your back may not appreciate it after a few weeks so it is worth considering an upgrade.

The list of recommendations will take a while to get through so grab another cup of coffee and take a look.