Revisiting The ’80s Before The RTX 3080 Arrives 1

Revisiting The ’80s Before The RTX 3080 Arrives

Revisiting The ’80s Before The RTX 3080 Arrives 2

The Titanium Standard

With reviews of the new Ampere cards from NVIDIA right around the corner, it is worth a look back at the past flagship cards from both the GTX  and RTX families to see the generational improvements.   TechSpot chose the Ti versions so you are looking at the best of the best before the RTX 3080 arrives.  NVIDIA currently states they have no intention of releasing an RTX 3080 Ti they have said similar things before, without even bringing up Super Editions.

The first thing to look at is the pricing, we have gone from $650 for the GTX 980 Ti to $700 for the GTX 1080 Ti and then the jump many are still coming to grips with the $1,200Price. Hardware went from 2816 CUDA cores to 3584 and then up to 4352, the boost clocks of the 980 Ti was 1480MHz then to 1582MHz and finally 1545 MHz.  The big changes were the memory, going from 6GB of GDDR5 to 11GB of GDDR5X and currently the RTX 2080 Ti with 11GB of GDDR6 and the inclusion of tensor cores which were new to Turing cards.

Take a peek at the performance changes over the past five years from NVIDIA, to get a sense of proportion as to the actual change in frame rates so you are well armed for the arrival of the RTX 3080.