3D Printering Your Own Joystick 1

3D Printering Your Own Joystick

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3D Printering Your Own Joystick 2

Hall Your Own HOTAS To Victory!

With the new Microsoft Flight Sim and a new Mechwarrior already out and a new X-Wing versus TIE Fighter game on the horizon you might have dusted off your old joystick to try them out and found that the rubber and gears do not age well.  This might lead you to Amazon where you found out that while there are some very interesting new joysticks and HOTAS devices out there, they cost a wee bit more than that old Logitech one did did. 

Hackaday has linked to a possible creative solution to this problem, print out your own Hall effect joystick, throttle and pedals.  There isn’t a design for a steering wheel in this particular set of projects for you racers, but keep an eye out as there is sure to be a few.  The sensors are connected to an Arduino Pro Micro with ATmega32U4 to translate the changing voltage to pass on to your PC to control your game.

There are STL files for three different joystick designs as well as instructions on how to attach the rubber bands required to center the joystick, how to set up the potentiometers in the throttle and an optional thumbswitch, as well as thorough instructions on the foot pedals as well.  Hop on by to check it out and see if your next controller could be a home brew!