The Speed Of 5G Across The World 1

The Speed Of 5G Across The World

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The Speed Of 5G Across The World 2

A Wide Spectrum Of Performance

If you are curious about what speeds you can expect from that fancy new phone you may be disappointed to learn that the biggest factor is where you live.  OpenSignal had users run a speed test on their phones in various countries around the world and compiled the results.  The results are interesting, but keep in mind these are self reported and speed tests are not exactly the best way to properly measure bandwidth.

At the top of the results is Saudi Arabia, with an average speed of 414.2Mbps while the UK finishes in the bottom spot at 50.9Mbps.  The huge disparity in speeds does not seem to equate with the availability, as Saudi Arabian users were connecting to a 5G network 34.4% of the time.  Interestingly their 4G performance was lower than most other countries.

Canada is just beginning our roll out and provides 178.1 Mbps even though only 8.8% of traffic could go through a 5G network while in the US a 5G network was used 19.3% of the time but only offered an average of 79.2Mbps.  OpenSignal has some theories about what might be causing this huge disparity in results but at least one thing was clear; in all cases 5G did offer better performance than 4G.

Check out the results here.