Image & Form's New Game Is "Permanently Exclusive" To Xbox And Windows 1

Image & Form’s New Game Is “Permanently Exclusive” To Xbox And Windows

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Image & Form's New Game Is "Permanently Exclusive" To Xbox And Windows 2
Image & Form's New Game Is "Permanently Exclusive" To Xbox And Windows 3

Earlier this month, we heard from Thunderful CEO, Brjann Sigurgeirsson, how Image & Form’s new game – The Gunk, wouldn’t be coming to the Switch, as it’s exclusive to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows PC and Game Pass.

If you were still hopeful it might one day arrive on Nintendo’s hybrid system, in a recent interview with our sister site Pure Xbox, the game’s director, Ulf Hartelius, doubled-down on Sigurgeirsson’s previous comments – stating how it will be “permanently exclusive” to Microsoft’s platforms.

Since making this game is such a big step for us we knew we wanted to find a strong partner and Microsoft had been excited about it since our earliest conversations. And yes, it will be permanently exclusive for Windows 10 and the Xbox consoles. The gunk itself is using an advanced rendering technique that should benefit a lot from the added power of the Series X. It will also be a lot easier to get the game world as lush and vibrant as we’re aiming for.

This is believed to be a one-time exclusive deal, and the team has already reassured Nintendo fans it will continue making SteamWorld games for the Switch – as previously stated by Sigurgeirsson:

SteamWorld is indeed closely associated with Nintendo. And we certainly haven’t made our last SteamWorld game. Nintendo Switch (and future Nintendo consoles) are natural parts of those plans.

To read more about The Gunk, be sure to check out the full interview on Pure Xbox. Were you hoping to see this particular game on the Switch? Are you relieved to hear SteamWorld will still be associated with Nintendo platforms moving forward? Share your thoughts down below.