FREE GAME: Serious Sam The First Encounter is free on GOG

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FREE GAME: Serious Sam The First Encounter is free on GOG 1

GOG is giving away free copies of Serious Sam: The First Encounter, a legendary first person shooter from Croatian developers Croteam.

FREE GAME: Serious Sam: The First Encounter is free on GOG


In a world where cyberpunk meets fantasy and hi-tech devices are mixed with black magic and psychic powers, Sam travels from the beautiful world of ancient Egypt through many diverse planets, confronting hordes of Mental’s hideous minions on his way to the final showdown at Notorious Mental’s lair.

  • Fight off wave after wave of countless cannon fodder and save mankind
  • Addictive, fast-paced gameplay topped with cheesy, Duke Nukem-style one-liners
  • Good level design with items, bottlenecks and cover in just the right places

Serious Sam: The First Encounter has score of 87% at MetaCritic, it usually costs $5.99 but will be available for free at GOG until August 26th 2020. Get it for free at this link.


To get a DRM-free version on GOG, head over here, click on the giveaway banner and add it to you GOG account. This giveaway is available for 48 hours. If you add the game to your account in that period, it will remain yours forever. Enjoy playing!

This giveaway is available until August 26th 15:00 CET

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