Torchlight 3 Adventurers On Switch Will Receive An Exclusive Red Fairy Pet

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Another highlight of Nintendo’s recent Indie World Showcase was the announcement that the third entry in the acclaimed action-RPG series Torchlight would be coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall.

So, what are the extra incentives for Switch owners who purchase Torchlight III? Apart from portability, if you opt with this version of the game you’ll also receive an exclusive Red Fairy pet. Yep, here’s a look at this creepy little thing:

Red Fairy Pet

If you haven’t played a Torchlight game before, it’s similar to games like Blizzard’s Diablo series. In fact, when the Torchlight series first started out, it was led by ex-Diablo designers.

You can read more about Torchlight in our Indie World round-up. And here are some additional screenshots:

Will you be trying out Torchlight III when it arrives on the Nintendo Switch this fall? Tell us down below.