Roguelite Zombie Shooter Deadly Days Locks And Loads On Switch This August

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Assemble Entertainment has revealed that 8-bit style apocalyptic shooter Deadly Days is coming to Switch, and very soon at that – Nintendo gamers will be able to get blasting the zombie horde on 27th August.

Deadly Days was announced for Switch back in June, and developer Pixelsplit Games’ roguelite survival strategy has gone down very well on Steam if its ‘Very Positive’ review status is anything to go by. In this game you survive using anything you find in its procedurally generated cities, combining equipment, abilities and weapons, launching airstrikes and even sending armies of rats into battle, according to the official PR blurb.

While the survival strategy might be serious business, the game apparently doesn’t take itself too seriously, adding lashings of irreverent, offbeat comedy to the trauma of the undead apocalypse, as you might expect from the publisher that also brought you Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Don’t Dry.

Check out the teaser trailer above (or the original, longer gameplay trailer) and feel free to remind yourself of some of the key features (including a new Twitch feature) below, followed by some new screenshots:

– Over 60 different crazy items and tons of powerful special abilities that can dramatically change the outcome of any battle
– Over 25 weapon types with randomly generated modifications
– Over 30 different survivor skins and more than 10 unique zombie and boss types that only one want thing: brains!
– Lovingly designed pixel art style and procedurally generated cities and missions
– Expand your base by building various rooms like a greenhouse or mechanics room and craft crazy, unique weapons
– New integrated Twitch feature — viewers can now become survivors and decide which mission should be taken on next!

Deadly Days comes to Switch eShop on Thursday 27th August with a US price tag of $18.99, although it’s now up for pre-order with a 20% discount.

Played Deadly Days on PC? Excited for the Switch version? Let us know if you’ll be taking on this zombie horde below.