Corsair H115i Platinum; Still A Contender? 1

Corsair H115i Platinum; Still A Contender?

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Corsair H115i Platinum; Still A Contender? 2

Two Years Of Service

It was back in November of 2018 when Sebastian looked at the Corsair H115i Platinum, awarding it a Silver medal and suggesting with a lower price it would have done much better.  At that time it was retailing for $180, it has only dropped $10 in that time and The FPS Review decided to strap it to their new test bed to see if it deserves that premium price.

Overall, as long the fans are running full out the H115i Platinum comes out on top or close to it, the performance does suffer a wee bit at lower RPMs but you get a commensurate drop in noise.  When it came to the full 4.7GHz all core overclock Corsair’s cooler was one of two that could handle the heat, the Enermax LiqTech being the only other cooler capable of this feat.

The sound levels produced by the H115i Platinum varies greatly, from 35.8dBA at 600RPM and 50% pump speed all the way to 49.4dBA with the pump and fan running full out; the fan would be a bit over 1500RPM at that point.  This 280mm AIO cooler might not be for everyone but it still sits near the top of that particular bracket even after two years. 

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