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Devil Hunt - First Look 1
Devil Hunt

Based on the original novel by Paweł Leśniak, “Equilibrium”, this third-person action game resurrects the everlasting fight between light and darkness, as a full-fledged war between Angels and Demons seems imminent and our world is the proposed battleground. 

You play as Desmond, once a bon vivant son of a rich entrepreneur. Desmond’s life has been drawn into a sequence of unfortunate events that have led him to lose most of his humanity. Making a deal with the devil, Desmond gains demonic powers, becoming the hell’s executor. He is both the destroyer and the saviour, with his human part gradually deteriorating as his hunger for vengeance grows. He fights fiercely with his fists and claws, making use of the skills offered by his demonic and human side. Passing through the gates of hell and back, he will eventually have to decide about his impact on the future of humanity.


  • Fast-paced combat – Punch, slash, and kick your way through the armies of demons and angels in Devil’s Hunt hack ‘n slash battles.
  • Change forms – Unleash your inner demon by flipping between Desmond‘s human and infernal form. Choose between 3 different fighting schools to conquer each challenge your way!
  • Story-based on ‘Equilibrium’ – Devil’s Hunt is based on the Polish novel series and its story is told through cinematic cutscenes.
  • Explore the depths of hell – Devil’s Hunt takes Desmond to many locations, including hell itself. Venture into rich environments like Miami, and Jerusalem.

My Thoughts:

Apart from the graphics quality dropping at times and the odd fail (which could be fixed with an update) I quite liked the game I would have preferred a little more detail with the story but the game did crash about a half-hour into the game but as I am typing this there is a 6.8Gb update being downloaded which I hope will fix that issue.

A nice game so far that is a mix of Devel may cry and God’s of War

Devil's Hunt











  • Nice simple brawler
  • Clean cut


  • Graphics quality is all over the place at times
  • Game crashes but should be fixed with a patch