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Types of Streaming Bot

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Types of Streaming Bot 2

When talking about streaming bot many will often confuse Web-script for a streaming bot (for example Nightbot, Moo, and Botisimo are all classed as web-scripts) Web-Scripts are for the most part just that very low powered with basic functionality ranging from timed alerts to basic word filtering and some may have a paid version that will give the features or a more standard streaming bot.

Streaming Bots are normally self-hosted running while streaming or running 24-7 on a server either home or in a data center for many running a streaming bot on a small pc/server like a Raspberry Pi is a great choice to run a 24 stream bot and even a couple of extra goodies depending on the model. they are often running on their own machine like a Rasberry Pi or a VPS to make sure they have some dedicated resources as they are often customized from handling steam alerts chat moderation, chat games point systems, etc.

The main advantage of running a streaming bot is the ability to modify the main code and add for features including Discord and Twitter. Most Bots are often custom but you can find the source code on GitHub but there are some mainstream bots out there ScorpBot and Phantombot are the two main leaders that come to mind.


ScorpBot is better for being run while streaming on the same machine you are streaming on and is compatible with multiple streaming platforms it can handle your stream alerts access to API responses, song requests, some chat games, and streaming currency. This Bot is great for the beginner

  • Dual Twitch and Mixer support
  • Chat relay
  • Shared point/hour system
  • Mini-games such as 8-Ball, Heists, Spin the Wheel (more to come)
  • Subscription/follow alerts
  • Quotes
  • Custom commands with permissions
  • Editor/regular lists
  • Song requests
  • Google spreadsheet support
  • GameWisp support
  • Auto-host system
  • Promote your stream on the scorpbot.com website (add yourself through the bots web tab) where you will gain exp and level up as you use the bot. Soon each time you level your stream will be announced on Twitter.
  • Auto updates


PhantomBot is Twitch only and can be run 24-7 or while you are streaming but I do think you will get the best out of it running it 24-7 ( and will will run nicely on a Rasberry Pi ) mostly due to its huge flexibility being able to run on most mainstream operating systems due to the bot is java based fantastic integration with discord and twitter and the ease of customizability and ease to add extra modules and features. This bot is aimed for the more serious streamer

  •  Timekeeping Keep track of how long your viewers have been in your channel. 
  • Points System Reward your viewers with a currency system in chat. 
  • Shoutout System Shoutout your fellow streamers and see what game they were the last playing. 
  • Raid System Keep track of who you have raided and who has raided you. 
  • Whisper Interface Force the bot to whisper replies and not spam chat as well as accept whispered commands. 
  • Twitch Stream Control Change your current stream and game titles or let your moderators do it. 
  • Link Moderation Stop people from posting links without permission. 
  • Caps Moderation Stop people from using all caps in a message. 
  • Symbol Moderation Stop people from spamming symbols or using repeating symbols. 
  • Spam Moderation Stop people from using repeating characters. 
  • Emote Moderation Stop people from using too many Twitch, FFZ, and BTTV emotes. 
  • Color Message Moderation Stop people from using ‘/me’ in chat. 
  • Long Message Moderation Stop people from sending long messages. 
  • Blacklist Words Add any words that you do not want in chat to this list. 
  • Whitelist Links Add links that bypass the Link Moderation automatically.
  •  Permission Levels Set moderation based on viewers, regulars, and subscribers. 
  • Custom Moderation Messages Customize the timeout messages given to users that violate the moderation rules. 
  • Custom Moderation Timeout Limits Set how long viewers that violate the moderation rules are timed out for on first and future offenses. 
  • Cross-Platform Runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. 
  • Open Source Speak JavaScript or Java? Code or change anything that you want. 
  • Rank System Add custom ranks for your viewers to achieve when spending time in chat. 
  • Song Requests Let your viewers decide what music is going to be played on stream or create custom playlists. 
  • Custom Commands Add your own commands for people to use. 
  • Command Permissions Set a permission on a command for only specific users to use. 
  • Command Cooldowns Set a cooldown on a command to stop chat spam. 
  • Command Costs Set a price on a command to make use of people’s points. 
  • Command Rewards Set a reward on a command to reward a user after using it. 
  • Command Aliases Don’t like the name of a command? Make an alias for it. 
  • Command Variables Use our cool command variables to make better commands for viewers to use. 
  • Follower Alerts Thank and reward viewers for following your channel. 
  • Subscriber Alerts Thank and reward viewers for subscribing to your channel. 
  • Donation Alerts Thank and reward viewers for donating via StreamTip, TipeeeStream or StreamLabs. 
  • Bits Alerts Twitch partner with bits enabled? Thank viewers for the bits they give you. 
  • Raffles and Ticket Raffles Create giveaways and other items in two different raffle styles. 
  • Auctions Let viewers bid on items up for auction. 
  • Keyword Replies Automatically reply to a keyword or phrase in chat. 
  • Twitter Integration Post a Tweet and receive Tweets in chat. 
  • Control Panel Control everything from a self-hosted web panel. 
  • Poll System Let your viewers vote on anything you want.
  • Dual Stream Feature Streaming with a friend? Let other people know with a Twitch Multi-Link on a timer for chat. 
  • Highlight Tracking Create a timestamp to look back at when creating highlights on Twitch. 
  • Quote System Keep all of the best funny and serious quotes in one place and access them with one command. 
  • Last Seen Tracker Keep track of when a viewer was last seen in your channel. 
  • Greeting System Greet viewers entering your channel and allow them to create custom messages. 
  • Queue System Let viewers join a queue for you to pick them out in order later on. 
  • Timed Messages Put commands and messages on automated timers. 
  • Top Commands Display who has the most points or time in the channel. 
  • Magic 8-Ball Entertain your users with the all-knowing Magic 8-Ball. 
  • Dice Roll Let users roll the bones to win or lose points. 
  • Slot Machine Let viewers pull the lever and see what they win. 
  • Russian Roulette Let viewers test their luck. 
  • Gambling System Let your viewers gamble their points away and have fun doing it. 
  • Adventure System Bankheist re-imagined. Let your viewers go on random adventures and win or lose points. 
  • Bet System Bet on something and win points if you bet on the correct answer. 
  • Random Text The bot will let loose and say a random item. Let chat get awkward really fast with this. 
  • Kill Viewers Not really, but let viewers pretend to kill each other or themselves in funny ways. 
  • Custom API Through custom commands in chat you may make calls to remote APIs that return text as well as JSON. With our simple JSON parsing from custom commands, you can display the data you want in chat.


Streamlabs also has a chatbot and a web script but here I will focus on the ChatBot this chatbot is like ScorpBot multi-streaming platform compatible and suitable for running on your streaming pc there is the ability to add extra functionality by adding PHP modules/scripts and many user’s share these scripts via the chatbots support Discord and has the normal functions that you would expect from a stream bot. This bot is aimed more for the beginner to intermediate

  • Chat
  • Dashboard
  • Commands
  • Timers
  • Quotes
  • Counter
  • Raffle/Giveaway
  • SFX
  • Loyalty
  • MiniGames
  • Events
  • Songrequest
  • Queue
  • Notifications
  • Moderation
  • Cloud
  • Hotkeys/Macros
  • Support
  • OBSRemote
  • HTMLOverlays
  • PythonScripting
  • Localization
  • Style
  • Discord
  • AutoHost

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