How Can a Viewer Support Their Favourite Streamer?

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How Can a Viewer Support Their Favourite Streamer? 1
Watching streams together can be a great evening’s entertainment

Watch their stream when you are able

Every viewer counts, less average viewers a streamer have, the more every single one matters.

Even If you are going to lurk a quick Hi will make their day

Every single streamer will tell you that people in chat make their days.

If you enjoy their content drop a Follow them & turn on notifications

Get to know when they stream, do they have a schedule, do they just stream when they can? Following and turning on notification let’s you know when they’re live. It’s okay if you can’t be there but if you can, it’s much easier to not forget thanks to notification.

Consider Following them on social media

Time to get off of Twitch. Things happen, other social media are better suited for getting updates, staying in touch and learning more about streamer’s life.

You watched them for some time and you really like them! BE THEIR COMMUNITY

Welcome other new viewers

Someone new stumbles into the chat! Say hi and make them feel welcome.

Be a positive influence

Everyone has bad days and that’s okay. Being a positive influence is not about being positive 100% of the time. It’s about creating a positive space for other people as well.

Let the streamer know if there is any Issues and what they are doing right

Almost every streamer struggles with feeling good enough about their stream and finding a glitch until it is too late. Let them you know like them and what you like and any issues!

Make clips (and share them)

A funny thing happened on the stream? Click on that clip button! Bonus points if you share them on streamer’s Discord/post on their social media. And even better, it can get you a fancy badge and jam in the chat.

Can you make things? Make them for the streamer!

You don’t have to be the best artist in the world. Even the smallest, most amateur piece of (fan) art can send the streamer over the roof. You can write them a poem, offer help with badges, the possibilities are as endless as the streamer’s gratitude.

Now you got to the point of: “There’s no way this streamer isn’t bigger! More people should see them!HELP THEM GROW

Let your friends know

Your friends trust your judgement. If you recommend them to someone, there’s a high chance they will check them out. If you don’t want to personally message them, just write a post on your social media.

Promote their channel (where applicable)

You might be in a Discord where people talk about a game your favourite streamer plays, you might be in a subreddit with self-promo forbidden. Those might be good places to post about your streamer. Adding a few genuine lines about your experience would be even better but first and foremost, don’t forget to make sure you’re not breaking any rules and when you’re not sure, message admins/moderators.

Reshare their posts on social media

Clicking on retweet or share button is one of the easiest way to help any streamer grow.

Provide feedback to the streamer

Is their audio a bit off that day? Let them know! Do you have an idea for a fun chat bot game during breaks? As a part of the community, the streamer will value your feedback but be mindful of when to provide it – some might be better suited for a dm after the stream rather than during it.

Clips again

There are even more things you can do with clips! Many websites and subreddit are suited for sharing clips or you can even make them into youtube compilation videos (or suggest them for it). As long as the streamer is okay with it, of course.

Host and autohost

Even if you’re not a streamer (and even more if you are) anyone following you might stumble upon a channel you’re hosting or autohosting. Autohosts are easily added in Twitch dashboard settings for support without extra effort \o/

Donate things for giveaway

Do you have those spare keys from Humble Bundles for games you already had? You can donate them to the streamer to make giveaways, celebrate goals and anniversaries!

If you have some spare funds and want to do even more, look no further MONETARY SUPPORT

Using Passive Funding

I myself am a huge fan of passive support for streamers from services from Loot’s, QuestMode to the newly released and my personal favourite Zasterr


Subscribing is one of the staple ways of supporting a streamer. You get the ability to use their emotes and badge in the chat as a reward. It’s available from Affiliation and roughly 50% of the money goes to streamer. *this varies based on taxes and/or custom Partner contracts


Upon purchasing bits from Twitch you can distribute them among any (affiliate and partner) streamers of your choice. Also includes a badge in chat and animated donation emotes. 1 bit equals 0.01 dollar. Bits are great for the smaller donation Ie for less than a dollar maybe for larger amounts consider a more direct Tip/Donation

Subscription and bits are paid out to streamer according to their agreement, after reaching the minimum threshold (100 dollars at the time of writing this article)


Streamers don’t need to be affiliated/partnered to receive direct donations and many will have information about it in their twitch info or as a command. This money (except for fees) is usually available for streamer immediately and for the smaller streamer often make the most difference.

Streamer affiliate links

Many streamer often has different affiliate links, from humble store to Amazon. Clicking on their link will usually give them a small percentage of the sale you make while costing you nothing extra.


If you want a little something for yourself while supporting a streamer, their merchandise often offers shirts, mugs, posters and more. Even better options might be available for art streamers where you might be able to buy original artwork.

Wish list

Streamers often have wish lists. Steam wishlist for games, Amazon one for everything from better webcam to Jam. It’s a great way to give without giving straight money!