Should We Use Affiliate Links?

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Should We Use Affiliate Links? 1

I have been asked a few times why I have affiliate links or if others should use affiliate links. In my mind why not if someone was going to buy said product or service anyway then why not ask them or offer a link that can support their favourite creator or community be it yourself or someone else.

In my opinion, good affiliate links are given by creators who do use the services that they have affiliate links, for example, Humble Bundle and Kinguin are two stores I myself use regularly and due to this, I am Happy to promote/recommend them. if you are recommended a link and you are unwilling to use the affiliate part for whatever reason it is an affiliate link it is easy to strip the affiliate part of the link in 99% of cases just remove everything after the TLD (the .com or .net etc part)

As a streamer, I have used other creators links and have few links and I will say they are not often used but they do not cost anything to have and do not consume any resources bar a little space to have them on show I do not see any harm having them and if someone wishes to use them then great! 🙂