I am kinda Excited about the new Xbox Gamepass Ultimate

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I am kinda Excited about the new Xbox Gamepass Ultimate 1
Gamepass offers a large library of games for a monthly subscription

Even though I am lucky to have both Xbox One and a PS4 I do not have that many games for either as I am mostly a PC gamer due to the cost of pc games available for just a few pounds and like many, I don’t have a large game budget.

But since I received my fist Twitch payout in January and a little luck in cash converters I managed to pick up a Roxio HD Pro capture card I do find capturing my consoles easier than streaming directly from the pc and I have managed to grab some offers on Xbox for reduced price for Game Pass but I could not justify the £7.99 ($9.99) monthly cost for game pass (there are 3, 6 and 12 months discounted prices as well) and on top of this a £6.99 (there are 3, 6 12 months discounted prices too) monthly fee for Xbox Gold to be able to play with others online making the total monthly cost £14.98 a month.

But with the newly announced released game pass for PC for a reasonable price of £3.99 a month (while in beta) and then another item caught my attention Xbox Game pass ultimate for £10.99 a month all three are included Game Pass for Xbox and PC and Gold on top this bring the 3 worlds together for a more reasonable price. This I feel is great for streamers like myself who often go through a game or even two a week and with the included gold for the console allows me to play with other members of the TWGStreamers community who are also on console and many Xbox games are cross-play with PC which is an absolute boost.

Yes this is still a lot to pay each month in my opinion and a lot of games you may not like or enjoy but with more and more games going towards online gameplay focused and many other players tend to go for console’s due to finding the cost of higher-end gaming PC’s on the more expensive side I would say that game pass ultimate price is much better than paying up to £60+ per game!