Are laser Printers Worth The Outlay?

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Short Answer: I think So!

Are laser Printers Worth The Outlay? 1
Printing Can be a nightmare

Even in the day of the paperless office, there are times you still need a hard copy of a document, email etc and we all know the cost of printer ink is through the roof ( £1,329 to £7,668 per gallon compared to Unleaded Petrol £5.24 to £5. 28 per gallon according to some reports).

about 18 months ago I wanted to replace my printer and I had a few requirements:

  1. I wanted network printing so I did not have to boot up my desktop each time I needed to print as I do like to work on my laptop and tablet.
  2. I wanted a document feeder scanner as when I have a letter or a form that I need to fill in I like to make a scan just in case I make a mistake or I need to refer to it at a later date.
  3. And last I wanted a colour printer as I do enjoy a little photography and like to be able to print the odd photo as well as a colour document. high-quality photos are not hugely important due to the cost of taking a pic to the supermarket and use an automatic photo printer is very reasonable for the number of times I actually want a professional quality print last time was a few years ago and was about £0.15-25 per print
  4. I did not want to spend a fortune on refills
  5. and finally, I do not print that often so I did not want cartridges and ink drying up and clogging

This lead me looking at a laser printer, in particular, the Brother 9020CDW at the time I managed to grab it in a sale for £190 it fitted all my check marks and a full set of Toner for the printer on Amazon was can be found for around £25 (example) and also one toner cartridge can print up to ten times more then an inkjet cartridge this also is one of the most important features as with inkjet printers may be cheap but the ink refills can cost more then the printer and if not used for a while can cause issues to damage from drying up to leaking and clogging up the printer head and mechanism.

18 months later I am still printing strong very happy with my expensive (at first) printer I have gone through 2 reams of paper as well as a good few a4 photos’s on photo paper and it is only the last month I am getting alerts for low black toner but please keep in mind this is the toner that came with the printer! the toner I bought at the time to go in the printer is still sitting in the drawer ready the money I have saved compared to an inkjet printer has easily covered the outlay cost of the printer and the spare set of toners. 🙂