Beta Orinoco Discord bot

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audioset Music configuration options.
audiostats Audio stats.
bump Bump a track number to the top of the queue.
disconnect Disconnect from the voice channel.
llsetup Lavalink server configuration options.
local Local playback commands.
now Now playing.
pause Pause or resume a playing track.
percent Queue percentage.
play Play a URL or search for a track.
playlist Playlist configuration options.
prev Skip to the start of the previously played track.
queue List the queue.
remove Remove a specific track number from the queue.
repeat Toggle repeat.
search Pick a track with a search.
seek Seek ahead or behind on a track by seconds or a to a speci…
shuffle Toggle shuffle.
sing Make Red sing one of her songs
skip Skip to the next track, or to a given track number.
stop Stop playback and clear the queue.
volume Set the volume, 1% – 150%.
Type !help for more info on a command. You can also type !help for more info on a category.

atriviaset Manage Audio Trivia settings.
audiotrivia Start trivia session on the specified category.
trivia Start trivia session on the specified category.
triviaset Manage Trivia settings.

bday Birthday settings

8 Ask 8 ball a question.
choose Choose between multiple options.
flip Flip a coin… or a user.
lmgtfy Create a lmgtfy link.
roll Roll a random number.
rps Play Rock Paper Scissors.
serverinfo Show server information.
stopwatch Start or stop the stopwatch.
urban Search the Urban Dictionary.

hangman Play a game of hangman against the bot!
hangset Adjust hangman settings

infochannel Toggle info channel for this server

leaverset Adjust leaver settings

levelerset Configuration commands.
profile Show your leveler progress. Default to yourself.
profileset Change settings of your profile.
register Allow you to start earning experience !
toplevel Show the server leaderboard !

quote gets (a) message(s) by ID(s)

hackrole Puts a stickyrole on someone not in the server.
massrole Commands for mass role management
rolebind Binds a role to a reaction on a message…
roleset Settings for role requirements
roleunbind unbinds a role from a reaction on a message
srole Self assignable role commands

streamroleset Change StreamRole settings.