Donate and Support a Streamer for Free!!

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Zasterr Logo is now in beta and if you have stopped by my stream on Dlive and Twitch the last week you may have noticed a new link and a new bot command has been added to my announcements.

These Zasterr Links help support streamers by showing an advert for 15 seconds all be it a banner or a short video. Each time this is done the streamer gets anything from $0.005 to $0.04 so far myself I tend to earn an average of $0.02 from each time a supporter clicks on my Link.

There is no cooldown on when a supporter can click again, there is no limit on how often, there is no need to sign up and work on most devices mobile, tablet, and PC. The main requirements are that link click originates from the streaming platform website/app and that the countdown is allowed to run down completely

Streamers who like to try this service can sign up here (This Link will also help support me) the service is free to join and a great way for your community to help support you for free