Multistreaming directly from a console (Without PC)

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You might want to stream on another platform or like to stream on multiple platforms but don’t have the equipment or bandwidth to do this.
this basic guide can be used to steam from Xbox to mixer and Twitch or PS4 to twitch and mixer or even other platforms like the upcoming Dlive

1) Start the game you wish to stream.
2) Title your broadcast/set streaming options.
3) and then start your broadcast

Get the M3u8 File Link

1) Visit:
2) Enter your now live streaming URL into the box
3) Press “Get Stream URL”
4) Right click on the highest quality and choose “Copy Link Address”

This has now copied your m3u8 link to your clipboard

Castr – Setting up your Pull Source

Castr is a re-streaming service that can “pull” streams from sources and send them out to other places the free package will do for our uses

1) Log into/signup to
2) Click “Pull” (it’s over on the right)3) In the “Pull Source” box – paste the m3u8 link and hit Save
4) wait a few seconds and then Your stream should now be playing in the Castr preview window!

Click “Add Publish Platform” and choose where else you like to stream