Propetroll’s Skyrim Mod List

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Skyrim load order
Campfire: complete camping system 
Realistic needs and diseases 
The paarthurnax dilemma
Reverb and ambience overhaul 
Immersive sounds – compendium

Mythical ages – weather overhaul 
True storms special edition 
Mythical ages – true storms patch
Minty’s lightning during storms
Mythical ages minty lighting during storms patch.

Rustic lands
Bumpy roads | add on
Detailed terrain and tree Lod
Juniper’s Collage if Winterhold 
Winter cove
Wind path
Bayview – Solsthiem player home
Scholar’s library 
Divine texture pack – flowers and plants.
Denser grasses | Performance 
Landscape fixes for grass mods
Insignificant object remover
TLS Pixel Reducer
FPS Of Tamriel

SkyHUD – Rebellion preset
Werewolf Time Meter XB1
People are strangers
Smilodon – combat of skyrim  
Tweaked arrows and bolts – sniper edition.
Realistic Melee range
Better spell learning 
Acquisitive soul gems Multithreaded
Elemental walls redone 
Miguick’s rune spell fixes and tweaks
[XONE] Thralls expanded
Enhanced atronachs – with levelling and luminosity.
Phenderix dead Thrall overhaul 
Conjuration tweaks – no more summon absorption.
Amulets of the nine divines tweaks
Dragon priest mask tweaks 
Unleveled items
Summermyst – enchantments of skyrim.
Andromeda – unique standing stones
Morningstar – minimalistic races of skyrim.

Ridin’ dirty
Treebalance – sneak tree
Treebalance – illusion tree
Treebalance – alchemy tree
Treebalance – smithing tree
Treebalance – speech tree
Werewolf perks expanded
Vampires & magic
Psijic teleport spells
Bound shield with FX

Convenient horses
Become a bard
Immersive patrols
Real wildlife
Diverse dragons collection 
Dragon real time fast travel
TLS basic animation changes
TLS amazing blink and idle
Staves on back

Enhanced lights and FX – exterior 
Enhanced lights and FX 
ELFX – enhancer
Color patches remover
Divine texture pack – architecture 
Nordic snow
Better dynamic snow
Enhanced blood textures
Bellyache’s animal and creature high resolution replacer.
Draugr horrific textures
Vampire Lord
More realistic hair SE 
Saerileth choice: models & textures
Radiant unique potions & poisons (glowing)

Wet and cold
Frozen electrocuted combustion standard.
Divine embers HD 
Ultimate HD fire effects

Sounds of skyrim – the dungeons 
Sounds of skyrim – the wilds
Mythical ages sounds of skyrim patch
Birds of skyrim
Dragon combat music replacer – sovngarde theme.
Realistic water two
Realistic water two – ineed patch

Alternate smithing categories  (alternate version)
Tempered skin for males (rugged)
RUNP textures only without body mesh.
Freckles and rough skin complexion retex.
Better looking khajiit 
The teeth of skyrim 
Natural eyes
Better claws and gauntlets 
Lovely hairstyles

Royal armory – new artifacts
Ars metallica
Craftable alchemy salts
Wearable lanterns
Old Kingdom – weapon overhaul 
Old kingdom – armor overhaul 
Fashions of the fourth era 
Improved closed face helmets
XP32 Maximum skeleton+realistic ragdoll and force.

Alternate start – live another life
Immersive citizens – AI overhaul 
Guard dialogue overhaul 
Relationship dialogue overhaul 
RDO – USSEP patch
Realistic conversations