First Week Streaming On Dlive – My Thoughts

Blog Opinion

For the last week or so I took the plunge to spread some Jam and start streaming my random afternoon streams on And to be honest I’m kinda enjoying it.

Now don’t be worried I have no intention to leave Twitch it has afforded me so many opportunities but like to old saying goes don’t keep all your eggs in one basket also I find it is a great way to meet new people and get to know new communities.

Dlive is an interesting place it is built on using Lino a Bock-chain currency at the time of writing this 1 lino is about $0.012 to the streamer (my lino wallet is dlive-dlkkdigmpp if interested lol ) and they can be bought or earned by interacting in streams and with a minimum payout at 2000 Lino’s (about $24ish) and a payout schedule of twice a week to PayPal or bitcoin it is quite compelling for the smaller streamer as waiting for the larger payout’s like Twitch’s ($100) with a net45 can feel like a eternity to get a little extra to help go towards that new game to steam for help cover other costs that streamers have.

There is no public api at the moment so creating bot’s and alerts system is tricky but there is Tidy Labs for basic alerts and some minor integration.

while the platform is still quite new is has been running for around 18 months from what I can tell ad with many big names seem to be moving over to the platform it has some potential if all goes well 🙂