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At the Beginning of the year I inquired the TWGStreamers community if they would like a rust serer tbh I was considering getting one anyway but I want to know if others in the community would be interested anyway.

So after I little research I found who I knew from back in my minecraft days of when I myself had a small game hosting business, so I knew they had been around for a few days.

So I hit the order button and within a few min’s I had a server, First snag I hit was very limited information on how to set up the server via their panel but lucky I am quite experienced with game servers and able to find my way around a fair few types of code so I was able to get most of it sorted.

The fail’s just started rolling in

  • The server ping was all over the place others found the server to be fine but personally I did not and I normally don’t care about that
  • Regular down time the server went down often including the control panel and even the website so could not even send in the ticket I even reached out on twitter but no answer
  • When I was able to get a ticket sent all I got was a very generic answer saying the server is up no explanation, apology or anything

Even though I the server was paid up for several weeks as soon as I could I moved the server and since had no issues since.

[paypal-donation] Rust Hosting

Price: Varies







ease of use



  • Cheap
  • Ok for testing


  • Cheap For a Reason
  • Often offline
  • little information given from support