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I have noticed lately that a few channels set a minimum amount of bits a viewer donate, to be honest, I don’t really get why they would do this I myself often try to support streamers that I come across a few bits here and there and I know many who have access to ads for bits do the same not all of us are able to afford a larger amounts but personally it does not matter if it is 1 bit or 10000 bits it all helps and it is done with the intent to support other streamers.

When I go to support a streamer and I see that a minimum amount has been set It does put me off wanting to support them and I have wondered how much support they may have also lost there may be a good reason for this but personally I can’t think of one unless your channel is on the larger side but then I would have thought to adjust alerts to avoid being triggered if the amount was below a certain level would fix any alert spam and would be better then stopping a viewer from supporting a channel that they enjoy with what they are able to afford.

Granted there may be some great reason that I don’t know or not considered and always open to hearing them 🙂