Mittelborg: City of Mages

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 A single-player fantasy saga tells about an upcoming collapse of the world as we know it. With an emphasis on decision making this game is a mix of strategy, roguelike and survival. Imagine a roguelike game where instead of controlling a character one gains control over the whole city Mittelborg! Instead of levelling up strength – level up warrior district; instead of travelling between dungeon rooms – you send mages to distant worlds!

   The player takes a role of an immortal Chancellor. But this power is a heavy burden. The Chancellor’s mission is to make hard decisions and try different tactics to survive in the city, which lies in ruins. He has to manage his loyal subjects-magicians, who desperately struggle against roaring mystical tempests.

                                                Mittelborg Game Features:

  • Protect the city!

Mittelborg is the heart of this world and thousands of swords and spears are aimed at it. There are monsters, nomads, mercenaries, the living dead, rebellious spirits. It is all diverse. Chaos does not sleep but besieges the World Between the Worlds. Collect resources, get ready for Tempests, keep guards on the walls and magicians on the towers. There will be a lot of blood, but remember what is at stake. It is better to shed a gallon of blood than to lose a single leaf from the branch of the World Tree.

  • Think and rule!

In Mittelborg, nothing happens without the Chancellor’s knowledge, which means that you will have to make hard decisions all the time. Who to sacrifice: a warrior or a mage? Do you execute or pardon? Spend the Aether on the repairs or to enhance the weapons? Have a drink or poison the cup? Power is a heavy burden… will you protect what’s most sacred, or will you drench it in blood… will you succeed or will you fail?

  • Fight, die, fight again!

A human life is worth nothing in a world where waves of Chaos swamp the shores of Order. It is insanely easy to die here, so no one thinks about tomorrow. No one but you: you are the only immortal one. You become a little smarter, returning after the regular death. You hone the strategy, you save all previous experience that will help you endure a little bit longer this time.

  • The world is huge.

You have a long and dangerous path before you. There will be dozens of worlds and hostile races, hundreds of unique events, thousands of intertwined destinies and stories … and you have to navigate all the perils, making wise choices.

My Thoughts

Apart from the spelling mistakes and a not very clear tutorial, I found the games quite short but as this is an early access game I will give some leeway on this  I would say this game is better suited for touchscreen devices and is not my personal type of game 


The initial price at Steam Early Access launch will be $14.99 with a 10% release discount.