Gamer Girl Problems Part 2

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Gamer girl problems exist in many forms and I have a lot to say about some issues that are coming to light since starting to stream myself, I wanted to take this particular post in a certain direction when earlier this week something happened that has compelled me to write about instead, I will however continue my initial thought with a part 3.


Earlier this week one of the biggest streamers on twitch POKIMANE rubbed some teenage boys and immature men up the wrong way. What happened? did she say something controversial ? Was her gameplay not on point? or did she declare she was not going to play with the opposite sex? Nope she started her stream without any makeup on to show what it took to look the way she normally does . Yeah you read that right the whole of twitter blew up with men declaring that they have been duped by this young women that they were being lied to about the way she looked and that all women are liars and need to put down that make up brush ……MIND BLOWN! This young woman’s name was dragged through the bushes sideways all due to the fact she chose not to wear makeup , don’t get me wrong a lot of other female streamers took to twitter to post a no make up selfie to show their support and a lot of people including mature men stood by her side it still doesn’t make what was being said to her okay.


The history of makeup spans at least 7000 years and is present in every culture on earth. Now I’m not going to do a full history of makeup because you can easily search that on the internet (isn’t it wonderful) but we know for a fact that make up was used in ancient Egypt and Greece, from kohl eyeliner to anti wrinkle remedies.I mean just look at Nefertiti’s bust with eyeliner!

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Now with that information at hand and hopefully anything you have picked up from the internet I would like to say that WOMEN DON’T WEAR MAKEUP FOR YOU! We wear it for ourselves, we wear it to feel put together , we wear it to feel more confident in our choosing outfit, we wear it because we like how it makes our skin and eyes look and sometimes we do it to hide flaws that we feel we have. I’m going to use myself as an example here, we got a camera at DangerousGames and a few days ago I used it for the first time. Now I normally don’t watch any of my stuff back but felt compelled to see if I was in the right spot to whether I was looking at the camera when I was speaking, to my horror I judged myself harshly from my big ass forehead and Eddie Munster hairline to the “mum” bags under my eyes, I quickly went up to the bathroom and cut a fringe in to hide my insecurities and for the last 2 streams I’ve worn a little make up to hide my tired eyes! Now you may think ‘wow you must be insecure about the way you look’ and to a certain degree I do, I care about how I look to others and always want to seem at least like I have my life together enough to at least wash my hair and face but mainly I did what I did for MYSELF not for my viewers (don’t think they care) Not for my man (sorry DangerousDOG) but for me and me alone, I can now sit in front of that camera and feel as confident as I did without one, I know I am not going to look over and think “Jesus girl you are tired” and worry about it the whole time.


I wanted to write about this for many reasons but this is the main one. Men have been coming out in mass numbers to tell women they should not wear as much makeup as they do or to tell us we are beautiful without ( we know by the way so thanks) we do not need your approval or your thoughts on how we look or dress on stream it is not your place to say horrible things about how we look it is also not okay to tell us how beautiful you think we are or to show you ‘anything. If you are only sat in my stream because of my looks and not because you enjoy my content you are going to have a really big shock when I have an off day and want to sit there with a mass of untamed hair, my jammies and my mum eyes! I think as women we have a lot to deal with as it is so if we choose not to wear makeup on stream, in public or on a night out it is not your place to say anything about it.

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See you next time


Lethal Lucile