Streaming mistakes I have made

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In the 3 years I have been streaming these are some of the mistakes I have made and lerned the hard way

BEING INCONSISTENT – Being consistent during streaming was something that I neglected for the first year or so of streaming. This is still now, a mistake I can make from time to time if I decide to miss a day. To really build a community, you must be consistent in your content creation, this does not necessarily mean streaming every single day or playing the same game every day, but your community should know when you’re going live and what you’re going to play.I get around this now by posting a message every morning in my discord, under announcements, stating if I’m streaming and my plans, and also throwing a question to interact with my community.

NOT NETWORKING – Up until recently, I did not think about networking and meeting other streamers was a necessity but be sure as hell that it is. I spent the first 2 years with the same group of people I always had been with, this was a mistake, even if it was fun. But I did not branch out at all, even when the opportunity was right in front of my face. Since starting networking, on Twitter and Twitch as well I have seen at least a 10-30% increase in my viewership and growth. Networking does not mean you have to constantly meet new people and constantly be scrolling social media, but I’ll talk more about this in its own segment below.

NOT SPEAKING TO GAME DEVELOPERS/COMPANIES – It’s been the last couple of months since I started to seriously realise the potential of speaking to companies and developers. To tell the truth, for so long I was pretty scared to contact Developers and Companies about their games or products because I thought they’d throw me away due to being a small channel. But after doing so, I quickly realised that they would not see you as a joke. And to be frank, you don’t know unless you try. A quote I love regarding this point is that you miss all the shots you don’t take. Speak to PR companies, speak to devs, this is not about getting “free stuff”, but instead adds further to your networking and could even help you build your community and give back to those who give so much time to you and your stream.

KEEPING AROUND THE “TOXIC VIEWERS” BECAUSE THEY ARE AN ADDED VIEWER – Trust me, it’s not worth keeping around toxic people who ruin the vibe of your stream. I made this mistake, and you lose more community members than you gain. Yes, they add a view to your stream. But in the long run, they will only bring more toxicity and I’m sure many folks do not want this to represent their content and channel. Think about the new guys coming across your channel, what would they think? I’m not saying kick them out, but sometimes, a warning can do wonders! At the end of the day, the community is the heart of twitch, building one of your own is just as important as keeping your quality high.

BURNOUT! BAD BAD BAD – I made this mistake, and it links back to point one. The only person who causes a burnout from content creation is yourself. Do not force yourself to stream every day, if you don’t want to stream that day, don’t do it. keep to one stream for a few hours day you’ll feel better and won’t burn out so quickly also don’t be afraid to notify your gang and take the night off.

These are not all the mistakes I’ve made during my time on Twitch, but they are some of them, I hope they will help you