What Resolution to Stream At?

Streaming Support Tips
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One thing I see often is the question what resolution and bitrate to stream at this all depend’s on what set up you have but I always ask if you are partnered first. as esp on twitch makes a huge difference as only partnered streamers are guaranteed transcoding if you are an affiliate then you may get transcoding if there is any available.

The main reason why I ask this question as many like to see our streams looking as sharp and crisp as possible it does not mean that everyone will be able to watch it at it’s best many devices are not able to display 60 FPS a lot of connections are unable to handle the bandwidth required for 1080P.

dropping your stream to about 720P 30 fps is not that bad really as well as allowing more viewers to enjoy your content it can also relieve the strain on your hardware and connection as having a lower upload (about 2500-3000 bits) will be more forgiving on network variances then if you are trying to reach the high end of your upload/twitch’s max input speed.