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Before I even started to stream my game play on twitch I found my feet during a game of RUST I started on the official servers (bad idea) and nearly gave up on the game all together until I found a small community server that opened their arms to new players, Don’t get me wrong it was still RUST but it wasn’t near as bad as the officials! This is where I found my first problems as a gamer and being female.

I was constantly having to tell people that I really was a girl this implies that there are indeed players who pose as women in games to have an easier time this brings upĀ  one of many problems. Just because I am female doesn’t mean I want any special treatment, treat me as any other dude who’s running around butt naked and smashing trees with rocks. I made a bunch of friends on this server that was run by some very cool young ladies but then the Ninja saga hit the news, for those of you who don’t know here is a short run down of what happened there.

Ninja decided that he was not going to play games with female players anymore due to flirting,rumours and his Mrs. This really stepped on my soul, as someone who plays games with a ton of men who are all married or at least seeing someone I felt personally attacked by his comments and have very strong opinions on this whole thing. lets take it step by step

It take two not just one person to initiate flirtatious banter, I mean if someone is trying to flirt with me I can easily say back off I’m not interested and not even play the flirt game with that person. Equally I am confident in my own relationship that If I was to flirt back I know its not going to be taken by the MR as something he should worry about but just some friendly banter with other players.

If from the above has taken place it can easily cause some discomfort especially if a rumour has started because of it. But again I would hope that my relationship is strong enough to withstand any rumours regarding my intentions as a player. The Mr would likely ignore the rumours knowing that I am not intentionally trying to sabotage not just my own relationship but others.

Significant others
Here is the big one. If your MRS or Mr has a problem with you playing with the opposite sex regardless of any flirting I really do think there is something wrong with your relationship. Relationship are based off trust and if she/he doesn’t trust you enough to play games with the opposite sex then I would seriously consider finding someone else to share your life with because this is a trust issue. I have not spent countless hours playing a game to cheat on my significant other with another player that’s possibly living the other side of the world.

When this news hit I was straight in the RUST server discord to share my rage and got some interesting comments back from other female players. One in particular seemed to have been attacked a few time through personal messages being sent to her from angry girlfriends thinking that she was out to steal their men, to men telling her they have to stop playing with her because their girlfriend told them to stop playing. This makes me sad beyond believe and still to this day makes me angry, angry enough to write this for a website. Most of the men I play with was not put of by the comments by one of the biggest streamers out there to date but I’m afraid what he said may have hurt us gamer girls more than he realises in the long run. This brings me to what happened to me a few days ago, I was hanging out in a friends stream (as you do) when a young man appeared in chat, he wanted to make friends. Now I have a private discord with the MR for people we meet along the way that we have built a solid relationship with. The link to this server isn’t given out on a whim nor is it a place for self promotion its a place for friendships. Now my friend mentioned that I have a solid group of friends and asked if he could join and being a nice person I was like sure I can always do with more friends to which he replied “I don’t want to join a girls discord because of my girl” now I rage quit my friends stream due to to not wanting to spoil his chat with my anger and went to investigate this guys twitch……and low and behold he has a ton of girl streamers who follow him! He did not want my help or friendship because of my sex but wants support in a form of a follow.

So you may be wondering after reading my ramblings whats the point of this post, the point of this post is simple. Not everyone wants to initiate a friendship with the opposite sex to gain anything sexual from it, for the most part all us gamer girls want is someone to play games with and to gain an extra friend.

Lethal Lucile