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Beyond the Stars Review 1

Between the Stars is a Kickstarter funded game which describes itself space action video game with traces of RPG, management and roguelike elements. In it, love your adventure advancing in the universe and upgrading your ship, Captain and crew in order to be able to withstand the space war that is currently being fought.

  • Random Adventures: Between the Stars seeks to be a different experience each time you play. For that, we’ve worked on a procedurally generated system which allows randomness in sectors, crew, events, rewards and many other things.
  • Management and customization: We want the game to adapt to your style of play. We’ve made sure that you have all the options you can to customize your ship and crew to circumvent all the dangers that you will find along your adventures.
  • Take decisions: Between the Stars is an open story and as any good story, it has a great protagonist. That’s you! There’s nothing better than to see your decision affect the events and that everything is built around your successes and experience that you’ve lived on each playthrough!
  • Real-time 3d combat: The universe is full of dangers and captains that want your head. Face them head-on in frantic real-time combat using your best weapons and skills.

This games not quite what I thought it was when the started I was treated with a simple tutorial to show basic controls and how combat is handled. But I will say this was quite painful as straight away the controls were very hit and miss registering what felt like when it wanted too (this most likely to be fixed on release or update).

What I did not expect was all the reading I don’t mind games that feature a lot of reading but for the short demo the sections of gameplay that the RPG side kicked in was a lot, some artwork depicting the story would have helped with the immersion who knows this may be added in the final version.

At the time I played the game the Kickstarter campaign is over halfway funded I wish them all the best and I have a feeling that the game will fit a growing RPG gaming genre that myself I can’t get into.