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The Conjuring House Review 1As some of you may have noticed I am new to this kind of thing and tend to keep things short and sweet as this is the first review that I am adding to this site and first that I have written here goes :).

The Conjuring house I have high expectations for from the moment I saw screenshots and the basic description I was I want to play this and the most part I was not disappointed. The graphics are highly detailed although I would say in areas overdone with the copy paste assists most notable the amount of peeling wallpaper is in my opinion way overdone there seems and there seems to be a bug where you turn the screen has what almost looks like a screen tear/VHS tape effect but I did not see it happen on the screen capture ( did enable v-sync and still continued to happen).

But the game gets old quite fast there are times where you’re just going around in circles trying to find something that will trigger the next part of the game which spoils the pace of the game and the controls have some issues mostly run where often you would either slow down or continue at the same place.

But many of these can be fixed and the developers have said they will be releasing a patch so till then…