Lurking in streams

Streaming Support Tips
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Some people may not want to be active in a stream or just watch/listen while doing other things we know this is often known as Lurking myself I don’t mind lurkers although I do like a quick hello before lurking but that is me 🙂

How Do You Lurk a Channel in Twitch?
To lurk a channel, you open it up in a browser tab and leave it running while you do other things. For example, you can open a Twitch channel on one tab and do whatever you are doing in another tab/program It helps supports the channel and of course, you get to enjoy the content

However, Twitch automatically pauses the stream when you move from its tab to another. (and you won’t be supporting the channel as you won’t be counted as a viewer) and if you have the sound muted etc it makes the lurk 100% pointless

To Make sure you get counted as a view:

Turn the audio of the stream up all the way.
Right-click the browser’s tab and click, “Mute Site.”
Separate the tab so it is on its own.
This tells Twitch there is still a viewer even though your attention is on another tab. This way, you can open a channel for lurking and do something else without the system taking away from the viewer count.