Why I think Loots is aweome

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As many of you who watch my stream know I am a huge fan of Loots, A system where viewers are able to help support a streamer by (after a 2 min one off sign up) clicking a link which lets you send a message that will be seen instream (via a web source in your streaming software) after a short advert.

A loot is on average in my streams at least is equal to 1-2 bits the more viewers in your stream the higher each loot is worth (up to a max of $5 wow). and with a minimum payout of $5 it goes a long way to help support a streamer (there are many places where you can get a new game to stream for $5) in some of my streams I have earned up to $0.35 in one stream (and that with only two people hitting the loot’s link and getting about 23 loots in one stream with an average of 12 views. To some, this might not sound like much but this mounts up.

At the moment Loots.com is an apply and review/refered system at the moment but if you would like to add loots to your stream then you can with this code: YZO7P55R