Why I stream??

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While I am streaming I get asked many questions from, why are you playing games at your age? to do you want to make a living from streaming?
I often have a bit of fun with the silly/trolling questions but when I get asked if I want to make a living from streaming it is something I never really thought about I enjoy streaming talking to fantastic people having interesting conversations and often playing with some great gamers.

As some may know I battle with depression and anxiety and getting help is not as easy as others may like to make out but since I have started streaming I have found it helps me in many ways from having a schedule which give me a routine and talking to others many who also have similar battles of their own.

When I think about making a living streaming it is something I am not sure it is something like to do. I enjoy gaming but I only really game when I am streaming and I don’t want to spoil gaming for myself, having to do it to pay my bills kinda puts me off the idea I would be quite happy reaching a stage where I can have a drink and something left over to go towards a new game to stream it does not matter if it takes me a couple of years to get there but in the long term I feel that would be a fantastic place to be in what some may call my streaming career.