The New System Shock Is Stressful And Stylish 8

The New System Shock Is Stressful And Stylish

Old And New Blended Into An Unforgiving Experience The day finally came, and the re-envisioned System Shock has arrived, albeit with some issues getting codes to the original Kickstarter backers.  The news is good, and Nightdive Studios kept the same old school feeling, while modernizing the graphics to appeal to our current sensitivities.   They did […]

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Supermicro MicroCloud, A New AMD Powered Server

Eight AMD Ryzen AM5 Nodes In One Chassis Yesterday NVIDIA showed off their MGX HPC server design, a reworking of the old rack mount chassis design to accommodate modern components.   Today we can see a different design specifically for AMD, the Supermicro MicroCloud 3U chassis designed to run multiple nodes in a single enclosure.   The […]

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