You can customize your Sims' pronouns now 3

You can customize your Sims’ pronouns now

Audio player loading… With same-sex relationships a possibility since the first game in the series back in 2000, The Sims spearheaded queer representation in gaming. It’s not always been perfect, with same-sex couples restricted to “joined unions” rather than marriages in The Sims 2 for instance, but it’s been there. One area where it was […]

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Where To Stream The Best Video Game Movies 5

Where To Stream The Best Video Game Movies

Easily the best movie adaptation of a video game in the 90s, it remains the best in its series. 1995’s Mortal Kombat takes a PG-13 approach to Midway’s hyper-violent arcade game and as a result, is a fun and approachable entryway to the franchise. Thunder god Raiden recruits an unlikely group of warriors (Lui Kang, […]

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Windows 11 Updates To Android 12.1 7

Windows 11 Updates To Android 12.1

Edge Chromium And Android On Windows, What A World Microsoft have changed a bit over the years, as it would have been unimaginable that they would be incorporating technology from their competitors without buying the company outright and absorbing them into their organization.  This has changed, with the advent of Chredge and their serious efforts […]

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Wireless Gaming With The XPG ALPHA Mouse 9

Wireless Gaming With The XPG ALPHA Mouse

Meet XPG’s First Wireless Mouse The FPS Review recently took a look at the XPG ALPHA, the first wireless gaming mouse the company has released.   XPG chose PixArt’s energy efficient PAW-3335 sensor to increase battery life while still being able to provide from 100 to 16,000 DPI and a 1000 Hz polling rate for both […]

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